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Clay Baby Monkey and Disposable Diaper Tutorial

A Step-by-Step Tutorial to Making a Baby Monkey (plus outfit and diapers) Emailed right to you (frontpage HTML)!

Method was Created by me, Jenna!

If your having a hard time sculpting, or just want to learn how to make an adorable little chimp, This monkey tutorial is one of the easiest tutorials to follow! I'm sure you will be very happy with the results! Before I even put the tutorial together, I showed some friends and family (some of which had never sculpted before) how to create these little babies. It was hard to tell the difference between mine and theirs! It is a perfect guide for beginners as well as those who have already tried their hand at sculpting. I include 4 separate document tutorials plus a bonus tutorial. The pictures are large and clear. The instructions are easy to read and follow. You will not just learn how to sculpt, but other secrets to creating a whole finished monkey clothed and even pampered! 

Yes, included is my tutorial on making disposable diapers as well! (for 6-7" babies)

I share my secrets for just $25.99!

Clay Baby Monkey Tutorial

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