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The Origins of Rasbubbyhill

My Daughters enjoy the treasures I have passed down to them!

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Hi! My name is Jenna, but when I was baby, my parents nicknamed me "Bubby"  I have loved dolls ever since I can remember! On my first Christmas, I got a Madame Alexander doll . My mom said I shook with excitement when I saw her! As I grew a little older, my Dad built me a playhouse complete with a little front porch on top of a huge hill in our big back yard. Raspberry bushes grew wild around the little pink gingerbread house. A sign was made outside that read "Rasbubby Hill". And of course inside.....high-chairs, cribs and baby dolls where all lined up in a row! :) 

When I was about 11 years old I got very ill and had to be in Childrens Hospital off and on 6 months at a time for several years. But I learned to sculpt dollhouse miniatures from my Aunt Sally to keep me occupied. 


Then, in January of 2007, I discovered this mini world of clay babies! I wanted so badly to be able to make them.  I had no idea what all was involved, nor did I purchase any books. I  purchased a lump of clay and let my imagination do the rest!  Quite some time later, an instruction manual was given to me. What I realized as I flipped through the pages.... I had been making my babies quite "backwards" from what the instructions said!  But I have stuck with my method and believe that this is what makes mine original Rasbubby Babies. No Books, No molds, just a lump of clay and that little imagination that stems back to my childhood days at....

" Rasbubby Hill "

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